Wedding Gowns / Comforters

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Wedding Gowns / Comforters

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Planning a wedding can be an intense time, with so much to organize and worry about. One of the most important aspects of your wedding is of course your beautiful wedding gown, selected carefully by you to reflect your unique style and needs. Although many people know when they have found the perfect dress, it does not necessarily fit just how you want it to. Luckily, that is something that can easily be fixed.

At Dorsey Cleaners, we are well versed in performing alterations of wedding gowns, and we have been doing so in Elkridge, MD for a number of years now. Our experience shines through when it comes time to have your dress modified, and you will be amazed by how perfect the end result is. We listen carefully to your requests to ensure that we know exactly what you are looking for, and we provide you with a dress that will ensure that you have the perfect day.

Not only do we perform alterations of wedding gowns, but we also have a fluff and fold service for comforters, to ensure that yours is warm and soft to keep you comfortable through the night. We are experts at washing comforters using the appropriate cleaning agents and techniques and at drying them properly and thoroughly but also gently to enhance their lifespan and improve the quality of your comforter.

If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for someone who can perform the alterations of your wedding gown, contact the team at Dorsey Cleaners. Alternatively, if your comforter is ready for a wash and a fluff, bring it in to Dorsey Cleaners and let us take care of it for you. Whatever you require, we can provide you with great service, prompt results, and the best possible price.

Contact Dorsey Cleaners for your wedding gown alterations or comforter fluff and fold service. Call us today at (410) 799-7433 for more information.

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